Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Venerable Deans of Cornell Acacia at Centennial

This photograph was taken on Saturday evening at the Centennial event in the Statler. Pictured are the Venerable Deans who attended the event. Front row (left to right): Bob Bergren '50, David Rickerby '91, John Ahlfeld '63, John Male '58, Richard Brewer '65, Larry McSorley '85; Second row (left to right): Scott Inglis '99, Rex Inglis '67, Kyle Small-Davis '09, Tom Harp '97; Third Row (left to right): Bill Ward '80, Bill Bethke '79; Fourth Row (left to right): Andrew Mercer '81, Michael Nasatka '03; Fifth row (left to right): David Rimshnick '05, Bradley Schmidt '01, Paul Molnar '99, Thomas Balcerski '05. Venerable Deans who were also present at the weekend but missing from the photograph: Bob Baker '53, Bill Burnett '53, Jim Freeman '55, Bob Phafl '60, Preston Shimer '61, and Brian Sivillo '96.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Centennial Spirit, Vol. 1., No. 1

The Centennial Spirit, the successor to the Centennial Horizon, is an alumni newsletter dedicated to continuing the spirit of brotherhood created by the Centennial. In this issue, you will find a post-Centennial wrap-up article by David Klesh, a two-page "Case Statement" for the Capital Campaign that can be shared with any brother, a list of donors to date, and an order form for the Centennial Documentary. Here's to the spirit of the Centennial!