Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guide to the Acacia Fraternity Records

I am quite pleased to announce the link above to the Guide to the Acacia Fraternity Records, 1906-2007.

This guide represents the culmination of the many hours of cataloging of the chapter's archives. With the electronic coding complete, all brothers and other interested people can read through the chapter's history electronically. The organization of the collection is designed to give the reader a sense of the great depth and breadth to the chapter history. For those interested in learning more, I would suggest my book, Acacia Fraternity at Cornell: The First Century (Acacia Fraternity Foundation, 2007). It is available for purchase online by ordering through:

I do plan on contributing more items to the archives over time. If you have items that would fit into this collection, please contact me. I usually try to digitize the materials first, e-mail you the digital copy, and THEN donate the originals to the library.

Also, we are online at on the Library's eCommons at I still need to come up with an organization to the chapter's electronic records (i.e., everything I have scanned), but I did upload about 25 gigabytes of materials. It is all up there, just needs organizing!

Thursday, March 13, 2008